Savy Kalivoda

I dream, that when you look at my painting, it will do something to you. It will reconnect you, you will feel a part of it, you will see something of yourself in my painting. And the boundary of separation - the boundary between you and everything and everyone else - will vanish, even if just for a moment.  A moment of enchantment....

That is my dream for you.  


All images on this website are photographs of my paintings. 

More photos and details coming soon

"Savy's paintings are healing images for sure."  Zlin, Czech Republic

"Very freeing." Barrie, ON, Canada

"You have helped me to REMEMBER ME again, to remember who I am, Savy. Thank you." Melbourne, Australia

"Your painting became a part of my sacred and creative space." Florida, USA

"We truly inspire each other. Thanks for helping me to see that again." California, USA

"Your painting is just magical. I seem to see something different in it each time I look at it. It is very alive and ever changing. I just love it." Arizona, USA

"I have learned so much about myself through the gift that Savy has. She genuinely wants to help us be our best selves, which is reflected in every single interaction I have ever had with her." Barrie, ON, Canada



5-411 Huronia Road, Barrie, ON, L4N 9B3, Canada