Savy Kalivoda

Reiki by donation

In Person

We have a group of volunteers who offer their service to those in need. There is no limit (or judgement) to the reasons for which you seek this session nor is there a limit to the number of session you can receive.

Form of your donation: 

Your donation not need be to us. Rather, when you see someone in need & you can provide / empower what they are asking for - then help them. Reminder: your donation does not need to be monetary. 

Absent Healing

This will be done by Savy. Contact her for details. You will receive a written letter from this session.

Powerful and full of love.

(Note from Savy: This is my very favourite form of [self] healing.)

Both of the above are by appointment only. Please contact Savy to arrange a session.



5-411 Huronia Road, Barrie, ON, L4N 9B3, Canada